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Annapurna Dham



Annapurna Dham

map-pin THANE

Property for rent in Manpada, Thane West Read More

1 Bathroom 1 Lift

Added 5 days ago by Jisha Daniel


house villa



house villa


rent a villa with a 3 bhk rooms with all amenties in it. Read More

Added 2 years ago by Jisha Daniel







A spacious space Read More

Added 2 years ago by Jisha Daniel


Lodha Splendora Tierra 2.5 BHK



Lodha Splendora Tierra 2.5 BHK

map-pin THANE

good Read More

1 Bathroom 3 Lift 1 Park 1 Gym

Added 4 years ago by Kaneesh Dua


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Welcome to DirectM!

DirectM is India's real-estate platform that makes it possible to buy/sell/rent a house without the hassle of paying an extra brokerage.

DirectM was launched because most of us believed that paying hefty brokerage to multiple brokers cannot be the only option to find a new home. As tenants, we have been paying brokerages year on year without seeing any advantage of multiple brokers. The only cause this existed was because there was a huge asymmetry throughout the market for information. DirectM is a platform that connects you to the unique broker that allows you to access all the properties under one Pincode. This lowers the brokerage you pay for, and also gives the broker exclusive control over a specific area.

We try to make sure that you get full information in as easy to use the format as possible. It makes sure you get a really good idea of the property even before you visit it. You can, therefore, shortlist properties sitting at your home's comfort without necessarily travelling and visiting every house. It saves your time and effort and you can potentially finalize a property in a few hours with a fast shortlist of 4-5 properties!

DirectM keeps you updated on information relevant to real estate operations, helping prospective purchasers make an informed purchasing decision. We make online searching for properties simpler, quicker and smarter! We plan to be a one-stop solution for all real estate needs; from locating the property to handling and collaborating with the group.

DirectM is an online real estate platform built around Premium Exclusive Brokers connecting clients with them. With this technology, it's easy and enjoyable to find a home now. DirectM offers the information required for homebuyers, landlords, and sellers to make informed decisions.

High Standards

We focus on having the highest standards, offering the users ready to buy provided by one of our exclusive search partners. Targeting and capturing local consumers on a grand scale, we create the lifetime relationships DirectM Exclusive Brokers seek. While the rest of the industry floats with the flow, DirectM redefines the industry with its veracity, innovation, and stability.

Each DirectM Pincode is a location led by a Premium Exclusive Broker, giving you exclusive information from local professionals at the click of a button.

For User

DirectM is an online platform where real estate buying and selling takes place much more quickly and in a newer way. Not only do we help you find the perfect real estate, we also make sure your buying process is as smooth as it can be. We recognize that there are a lot of factors to consider when buying or renting a property, such as the location, preferred place, budget, amenities and much more. DirectM is the destination where, without going through multiple brokers, you will finally find the best suitable property available across India. Whether you're searching for a rented property or you're planning to build your dream home, our site is where you can find everything and anything in real estate. We deliver countrywide listings of residential and commercial properties for both sales and rentals. If you wish to invest property in top cities, we will provide detailed information on various properties on sale, upcoming projects by renowned builders, budget residential apartments, commercial spaces, shops, etc. in cities such as Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, New Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Noida, Gurgaon and much more. A wide variety of listings advertised here give you an excellent overview of all available properties in the area you are considering. Whether you're hunting for residential property, agricultural property, your next business establishment, or office space, DirectM aims to provide you with the largest number of listing options to choose from within your preferred area.

Perks of DirectM to Customers

We sort properties by pin code all over India and each location under it. You can save on valuable time by searching any property that you wish to buy or rent in all of India by just entering the pin code and the name of the location. Doing so will take you to the dashboard of the broker who holds the keys to the properties of that area. This way, DirectM liberates you from the struggle of going through a chain of brokers to get to the property you desire. Buy Residential, Commercial & Industrial Properties. Buy your dream property Residential Properties like Bungalows, Villas, Apartments and Commercial Properties like Office premises, Shops, Godowns, Hotels, Hospitals, College, Schools and Industrial Properties like Factory sites, Ware Houses, Industrial Estate Properties and Agriculture Properties like Agriculture Lands, Farmhouse and many more.

For Broker

Real Estate Listings Made Easy.

List your properties and get a guaranteed 50-100% increase in brokerage every time Are you a real estate broker who wishes to increase their margins of brokerage? Or are you someone who is looking to buy or rent a property without going through the web of agents? In any case, we have just the right solution for you. Presenting DirectM, a discovery platform aimed at the best interest of realty brokers where they can list all the properties they have access to and get contacted by people looking for real estate solutions.

Perks of DirectM to Real Estate Brokers

DirectM provides a dashboard to the brokers where they can list all the properties they hold the keys to in a particular area. We aim at creating a niche in the market wherein brokers can become premium members of DirectM and gain exclusivity over their desired location. That means, no one except that particular broker can post advertisements of the properties they have access to.

Why Choose Us?


Owing to the efficient functioning of DirectM, we guarantee a 50-100% increase in brokerage to real estate brokers who wish to rent and sell their property.


DirectM also looks after the CRM processes of your business and lets you properly organise meetings and generate detailed reports for analysis.

Exclusive Pincode Rights

Become a premium member of DirectM and enjoy the perks of having a monopoly over the locality chosen by you.

One Pincode One Broker

The member broker shall have exclusive rights of one Pincode to deal with properties to Buy / Sell / Rent in his / her Pincode for a stipulated time. No other member agent will be awarded the same Pincode. You can Sell / Rent Property to partner agents across the country. Member broker gets more opportunities to make more money in their territory.

Built exclusively for Agents By Experts – for greater success

Why should I choose DirectM over other real estate websites?

We sort properties by pin code all over India and each location under it. You can save on valuable time by searching any property that you wish to buy or rent in all of India by just entering the pin code and the name of the location. Doing so will take you to the dashboard of the broker who holds the keys to the properties of that area.

To simplify your process we have divided the search into three different types i.e


Now you can search for properties in your desired city. Have an overall view of all the commercial and residential properties in that area and the brokers that serve the particular cities. Cities include Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane Mumbai Suburban, Raigarh and more.


This type of search will include a particular zone in the city you wish for. This contains all the detailed and specific properties that fall under a particular zone. The zone would include Mumbai City East Division, Mumbai City North Division, Thane Division, Navi Mumbai Division, Mumbai City South Division, Mumbai City West Division, Mumbai City GPO Division and many more.


You can search for a property in your desired locality with the help of this locality search. It will show you all the properties that fall under a particular locality and will help you reach the exclusive broker of the property. The locality search will be Dadar Colony, Wadala, Antop Hill, Marol Naka, J.B. Nagar, Chakala Midc, Bhandup East, Chunabhatti, Kurla West, Kandivali East, Malad East, Oshiwara, Colaba Bazar and many more.